Bathroom Wraps

One easy option to update your bathroom is to use Wrap it Up’s waterproof vinyl bathroom wrapping services in Dubai to encase the existing cabinets, flooring and walls. Our vibrant finishes may be used to just inject some personality into your bathroom, or you can choose for a more opulent look with our deep matte hues and marble wrap treatments. 

Why Wrap it Up’s Bathroom Wrapping?

We guarantee that we have something that will suit your taste in bathroom interiors. Obtain your ideal bathroom at a reasonable cost with surface renovation. We wrap bathroom ceilings, doors, walls, and cabinets. Wrap it Ups Vinyl bathroom Wrapping is a cost-effective approach to getting a brand-new bathroom appearance without the trouble and expense of installing a new bathroom. Wrap it Up provides an extensive selection of durable, washable, high-quality vinyl wraps.

Vinyl Wrapping has endless applications; almost anything may be wrapped! We provide wrapping services for bathrooms, cabinets, marble vanity top ceilings, doors, walls, and literally everything! Our bathroom furniture wrapping service and bathroom renovations comprise of adding specialist vinyl to the color of your bathroom furniture that you no longer wish, transforming it into a design and color of your choosing.

Ready for a Luxurious experience?

Wrapping your bathroom’s walls and counters with vinyl gives the impression of an expensive and luxurious interior. Pick your style and inject some life with the newest fashionable designs. You may update the look of your bathroom with any of our collections. The best thing is that there is an abundance of design options to pick from at Wrap it Up. 

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