Why wrap your home with Wrap It Up?

Kitchen wrapping Dubai

Kitchen wrapping is the new trend in home renovations! With a huge amount of the UAE population renting their homes, and with a lot of older, tired or dark brown wooden kitchens and bathrooms, many in the Emirate are looking for quick, easy and effective ways to update their home without spending a lot of money.

Living in a beautiful apartment on the Palm, Wrap It Up’s founders – a husband-and-wife duo – faced the same issue:their kitchen was brown, run down and tired-looking. After investigating the different types of solutions and brands that offer a solution to help brighten up their home, the duo found that 3M, LG, Hyundai and Samsung offer the highest quality interior architectural film – perfect for wrapping spaces in homes such as kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes and more. With the supplier list verified and the General Manager’s background in engineering and residential construction, Wrap It Up was born.

Why wrap your home with Wrap It Up?

We have set out from the beginning to be Dubai’s number one interior wrapping company. We pride ourselves on amazing customer service and offer free consultations across Dubai and other Emirates. As a British-managed company, and our General Manager speaks both English and Arabic. We have a highly skilled and trained team of wrappers who focus on perfect finishes and who are also professional and well presented. We use the most premium materials from the likes of 3M, LG, Samsung and Hyundai.

Our most asked question by residential clients who are renting is: Can it be removed? The answer is: yes it can. Although it is so uncommon for a landlord to request removal as it brings the rental price of the property up overall.

Our wraps last medium- to long-term which means they typically last three years or more. This is due to the high-quality materials we use and the skilled staff in terms of their application and detail. We also offer up to three years warranty so if you do get something that leads to your wrap needing a repair, we are more than happy to come back and replace it as long as it fits within our warranty guidelines.

While our kitchen wraps feel and look authentic and high end, you will end up with around a 75% savings on what a full renovation of a kitchen would cost. With hundreds of colour options and textures to pick from, you can browse through the materials of the top suppliers picking through practically every colour option, different textures such as marble, wood, stone, concrete or even fabric and metallic, and more – the choices are endless.

The other benefits to this solution is that it takes around one day to install and it doesn’t have any noise or major disturbance to your home. The only requirement we have are clean surfaces to work on, but no need to empty all of your cupboards. Our project manager will manage the end-to-end process for you until completion.

How to get a quote?

The quickest way to contact us and receive a quote is via WhatsApp. Simply send pictures and a video of the areas you wish to wrap to +971563122598 and a member of our team will be in touch with you to arrange a quote and consultation. Once we agree on the quote, we will give you our soonest available timeslot for wrapping your space.

We pride ourselves on the highest of quality and service. Please contact us for a quote or any questions and we would love to assist you with getting your kitchen, bathroom or other areas wrapped and transformed into your dream interior.

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