Floor Wrapping & SPC Flooring

Get a whole new appearance for your floors without spending as much money as you would replace them by using our floor vinyl wrapping service. Whether your floors are in a business or residential setting, we are committed to giving them a fresh new appearance. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option when it comes to constructing, Wrap it Up’s vinyl floor wrapping service is for you. Wrap it Up exclusively installs premium grade, guaranteed, and warrantied vinyl film.

Wrapping your flooring with one of our waterproof vinyl films is a great way to avoid having to replace them. The stress of having contractors and loud machinery in your home for weeks is avoided. Our professional staff can quickly and easily come to your home and wrap your flooring.

If you want something more substantial than floor wrapping, we also offer SPC flooring as well. With the choice of hundreds of colour variation, textures can use our high quality SPC flooring system. 

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