Backsplash Wrapping

Backsplash Wrapping in Dubai:

Do you hate your old-fashioned, faded tiles or wall making up the backsplash (the area between the kitchen cabinets and the worktop)? Well, wrap it up! We mean it. Wrap it Up’s interior wrapping in Dubai offers you the most economical solution for backsplash vinyl wrap. The vinyl wrapping solution for backsplash is a much cheaper alternative to the classical renovation that will save you a lot of money without compromising on the modern look you want to achieve with your kitchen’s backsplashes. So, as long as the existing backsplash wall’s infrastructure works, all you need is the Wrap it Up interior wrapping that will uplift its look.  

Wide Range of Customizable Textures to Choose for the Backsplash Wrapping:

Wrap it Up offers the best services of backsplash wrapping in Dubai in terms of quality and customization. That said, you no longer have only two to three options of textures to choose from. You can easily pick up your dream look from Wrap it Up’s wide range of designs that come with either option, the Matt Finish or the Gloss Finish. Broadly speaking, you can go for the following texture looks that further have more options:

  • Marble Look
  • Wood Texture
  • Concrete Surface 
  • Peel & Stick 3D tiles
  • Plus hundreds more …

Stress-Free, Best Quality Backsplash Wrapping Solution:

With Wrap it Up’s expert team, the backsplash wrapping or installation of 3D tiles, takes no more than a day to transform, and we guarantee you a stress-free renovation associated with no noise. Moreover, the vinyl wrapping material for the backsplashes used by Wrap it up is guaranteed to be:

  • Durable: No scratches, no burning up, and no discoloration
  • Washable: A simple to maintain and a hygienic solution
  • Seamless: No matter what look you go for, Wrap it Up will make sure it gives off the most natural vibe

So, let us end the nightmare of the kitchen’s backsplash look for you by wrapping it all up!

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